Unified Communications

Unified Communication

Gammer Group drives value in mobile workforces, vendors and customers with the collaboration they need.

Transform the way you conduct business with Unified Communications. Provide the technology to enable your staff to collaborate more effectivey from remote locations. Overcome challenges of multiple communication systems such as fax, telephone, voice and online communication through a unified communications model.

Gammer Group can design, deliver and support a unified communications system to address business collaboration complexities faced within your organisations. As organisations become ever increasingly mobile, Gammer Group can help with connecting people, information and teams to enable effectivie collaboration.

Gammer Group can help you make communications faster, more convenient, reliable and cost effective by providing key solutions such as:

  • Voice over IP
  • Conference and Telepresence
  • Remote Support
  • Integration with voicemail and fax services
  • Inegration with Microsoft Lync

Go beyond any standard telephone system, with a unified IP communications solution. Contact Gammer Group today to discuss how we can help you.